About me

Who I am and what I do.

Who I am

I’m Phoenix (Pronounced “Fee-nuhks”) a talented map designer with experience in Environmental Design, 3D Modeling, and Builder based in Québec, Canada 🇨🇦.

What I do

With over six years of dedicated work in Roblox game development, I create immersive environments that displays distinct art styles and demanding attention to detail. My portfolio demonstrates a path of ongoing learning and skill refining that resulted in the building of elegant virtual environments that attract and interest players.

What I Did

My journey began with an interest in video games, and after spending enjoyable moments with my dad playing games like Lumber Tycoon 2, I discovered the imaginative world of Roblox, a platform that is always changing, and I was immediately intrigued. At the age of 11, I began my creative adventure in 2016 by diving into Roblox Studio. Since then, I've been on an interesting road of skill development and advancement, driven by my desire to create engaging experiences on this dynamic platform.

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